Our Beliefs



More than anything, Waller Baptist Church longs to be faithful to the Word of God. The ultimate and final authority on matters of faith and practice in our church is not a particular creed or confession, but the very words of God as they are found in the Bible. We long to be more biblical than comfortable when it comes to our beliefs. With that said, we also see the benefit of adopting a confession of faith as a summary statement of the beliefs that we as a church confess and teach. This serves two purposes. First, it provides us with a concise tool for discipling new believers and members regarding essential matters of the faith. Second, it provides us with a basis for establishing fellowship and participation with other churches of Jesus Christ.

As such, Waller Baptist Church is an active member in the Northwest Louisiana Baptist Association, the Louisiana Baptist Covention, and the Southern Baptist Covention. Furthermore, we fully subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000 as an accurate summary of our beliefs. The following articles represent our doctrinal beliefs.